Hand sanitizer & disinfectant dispenser solutions

Breaking the chain of infection

Using Internet of Things technology


Our Mission

NoSoapCompany’s mission is to provide better solutions for battling the spread of infections, by designing and selling state-of-the-art public disinfectant dispensers that also provide affordable and effective remote monitoring.


High-end hygiene solutions

NoSoapCompany is a design and development company that specialises in high-end hygiene solutions with innovative monitoring and management techniques based on the Internet of Things. 

Our company was founded out of the frustration that in most public places, proper (hand) hygiene solutions have not kept pace with modern demands

NoSoapCompany is founded by a small group of partners consisting of seasoned veterans in hygiene, industrial design, production, innovation and services management.


Next Generation

What is needed to be ready for the future? We designed our equipment to be as future-proof as possible:

  • Remote monitoring and service with state-of-the art Internet of Things capabilities.
  • Friendly, intuitive disinfectant dispensers.
  • Heavy duty materials, suitable for use in public spaces.
  • No touch.
  • Easy to refill.

Friendly, Accessible and proven

Hygiene equipment in public places should appeal to the users. It should fit into the environment, and it should be able to carry messages, pictograms and logo's. It must look reassuring - not scary. And it should not require people to touch it with the very hands they want to disinfect. Our equipment fulfills all those requirements:  

  • Friendly recognizable face which results in a hygiene service people actually want to use.
  • Can be customized in any corporate identity, users will always recognize the dispenser and can be confident the disinfectant is of the highest quality.
  • The PDU dispenser does not require users to touch the unit or to put their hands into a small confined space.
  • Two years of solid engineering and thoroughly field tested core technology makes the PDU a long lasting investment.

patented technology

This is a totally new, innovative product and as such, its unique futures are protected by patents. Thus, you know that  this combination of unique features and  properties is only available from NoSoapCompany:

  • The PDU model is protected by a US Design patent and EU model registration. Furthermore, two patents secure other unique features of our dispenser.

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