Mission and values

Breaking the chain of infections.


NoSoapCompany’s mission is to provide better solutions for battling the spread of infections. We do so by designing and selling state-of-the-art public disinfectant dispensers that also provide affordable and effective remote monitoring.

Why?  Infections are an increasingly dangerous problem. People get older and more vulnerable, yet there is more travel and more diversity in populations everywhere. The old answer: "Get the antibiotics!" is less and less effective. The World Health Organisation is very concerned. 

As seasoned hand-hygiene veteran Fokke Bolderheij knew, the single most important factor in the spread of infections is insufficient hand hygiene. Fokke started the NoSoapCompany to create solutions to be able to also give larger crowds effective access to good hand hygiene, through a next generation of suitable dispensers.  For use in hospitals and clinics but also in all other places where infection risks are rising. We think that safe hands will save lives.

We are a small, focused company. We have short lines and a no-nonsense culture. We seek the technological upper ground. Through high quality equipment and solutions, we want to contribute to a safer world through better infection prevention. That is all.

Safe hands are the single most important factor in preventing infections

Safe hands are the single most important factor in preventing infections

For more evidence about hands, infections and safety see here.



Innovators in high-end hygiene solutions.

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FokKE Bolderheij

Seasoned hygiene industry veteran and inventor, with a long international track record in Sales and Business Development roles with distinguished companies such as Ophardt (Germany) and Intersan (Belgium). Was the driving force behind the "Untouchable" no-touch automatic faucet system,  now part of the Ophardt range of hygiene solutions, and winner of the 2017 Innovation Award at the CMS trade show, Berlin.  Co-founder and shareholder of NoSoapCompany. Brings extensive hygiene services contacts, expertise and know how to NoSoapCompany. 


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Timo Voorhuis

Founder of Studio Bizq , Timo started Studio Bizq in the end of 2001 as an all-round industrial design firm after his graduation from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences with a BA in Industrial Design.  He is specialized in design challenges with an innovative angle,  and has worked on a wide range of projects for his clients. He is right at home in today's environment as part of a network of like-minded free-lance individuals and experts. Brings his own design and development skills and experience plus his network of versatile business partners to NoSoapCompany.